Sunday, November 1, 2009

Lilia's Birthday

Yesterday we celebrated Lilia's 10th birthday with our guests. Her big item was a bike. She had been asking for it for a while. She unwrapped a riding helmet first and didn't put together that it was a bike helmet until I walked in with her bike. She didn't seem to mind that it was black, so it could be passed down to her brothers as she out will outgrow it. Today we enjoyed the services at church. A friend loaned us a car while they were out of town to use so that we could all go. It worked out good, because half-way there Andrew got sick to his stomach and so Angie returned with the boys and I went on in the other car. Services went well. I did the announcements, prayers, and led the singing. I think I was understood. I know that I messed up on the tenses of many verbs. It is bad when you realize right after you say it that it is wrong, but I think it better to continue on as long as the idea is understood. We had Dominos pizza for lunch (Lilia's request) and now we are having a restful afternoon. God bless, JASON

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Stacie said...

Lilia not getting the connection between the Bicycle Helmet and getting a new bike, reminds me of when we got those Nintendo Games for Christmas and you got sooooo mad. Dad told you to go put it in the VCR you wouldn't even look over there where our new Nintendo was. :) I'm sure she didn't get as upset as you did though.

Tell her Happy Birthday for us. We may try to call y'all on her actual B-day.