Thursday, August 13, 2009

Home Furnishings

Saturday - Our last few days have been spent shopping. We have alternated between several stores Conforama, Ikea, Dartie, and But, looking for the best prices. So far we have purchased beds and matresses for the kids and a refrigerator. We are still looking for the best option for the kitchen cabinets, going to check out Ikea today. The most important thing about today is I walked the aisle at church 11 years ago today. Not what you think. I walked out of the church. . . . with Angie. Thats right, our 11 year anniversary. What a blessing it has been!
Sunday – The group that visited in the services in Carcasonne returned this Sunday and the services were translated into Dutch for them. After services we ate at McDonalds with a newly married couple that has just moved to Limoux. We had a wonderful visit.
Monday – We purchased our bed and washing machine. Today I put all the beds together and while Angie and Lilia went to Ikea to pick up bedding. It took several hours for both of us to get finished. We spent the night here in the new house.
Tuesday – Spending the day getting ready for Lynn and Brenda to arrive tomorrow. For those who may not know. They are a part of our “missionary family”. They are veteran missionaries who have personally worked with us since our call to the France. They have helped out immensely and we are really looking forward to their visit. They are coming through on their way to put on the Greece retreat for Missionaries in September, which we will be going to. We picked out couches and a small breakfast table today.
Wed. - I left the house at 4:30 this morning to get down to Barcelona at 8:00 to pick up Lynn and Brenda at the airport. I really liked the airport, it was small and not to busy. We made it home and had lunch. Then Lynn and I went to bring a load of stuff from the vacation home to our new home here in Magrie.
Today Angie and Brenda went shopping while Bro. Lynn and I put together an Armoire. Attached is a picture of the new place. God bless, JASON

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