Sunday, August 23, 2009

After Barcelona

So to update you all since the last blog. We made it home fine from Barcelona and that same night Jason went and wrapped up everything with the short term house rental. He got our last items from the house and cleaned it and went through the house with the owner. He paid for the electricity we used with our dryer and got our securtiy deposit back. So all went well there and our boys did not destroy anything too noticably! Whew. The next day I went and bought a few more things for the house and discovered some new shops for housewares at good prices. Jason stayed home and put together a dresser, shelf and nightstand. Thursday he went to the prayer meeting at the church in Carcassonne and afterward met with the pastor to discuss some future planning. Friday we put together a desk, bookshelf and desk chair. Saturday Jason went for a long walk up the hill behind our house then further on up the next much bigger hill. He said it was really beautiful up there and you could see for miles. Lilia and I did a last dash of shopping before everthing closed at 7pm in Carcassonne. Although we were pleasantly surprised, the housewares shop closed at 7 the next clothing shop we went into closed at 7:30 and the next book store and craft shop, after that closed at 8. Then we went down to the grocery store which I figured closed later and shopped there until 8:30. It was great we found some really good deals.
We had a nice service this morning with the Pastor back off of vacation. Afterward they kindly offered me some of the dishes and things they had there that they are not using at the church. Also, Yelena asked me if we could visit privately some time. So I said sure how about today. That worked for her so we met this afternoon and had coffee. You know sometimes your mind can get to wondering-- what does she need to meet for. Is it going to be good, bad, a reproach... Turns out she just wanted to be friends and she just needed someone to share with and asked me to pray for her. I told her of course, and I was honored that she would ask me. It has been a good day.Thanks for you prayers. God Bless, ANGIE

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