Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Houses and Cars

Tuesday – We went and saw a house in Magrie, about 1.5 miles south of Limoux, It was nice inside and had a good yard, three bedrooms, but it was a little difficult to get to, the view was real nice. Angie and I also saw the house in La Digne D'amont. We both decided that it would not be good for the work. The dining area was small and also two bedrooms were had a slanted roof, that made parts hard to reach. We mentioned that we would be interested in three bedroom homes around 100 meters squared with yards in Limoux and we'll see if they what they can find. If nothing, then we will pursue another the one in Magrie. I called the car salesmen today and left a message, he called back and said that the car will arrive the 23rd and that they will have it ready by the 28th. Tomorrow, I will go to Carcassonne and see about getting car insurance. I will also stop by the hertz rental place and see about extending our car rental by a couple of days. Attched are some pictures of the kids at the cross on top of the hill near our house. God bless, JASON

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