Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Dacia Logan MCV

I justed picked up our car, 2009 Dacia Logan MCV 85ci 1.5 liters. It had 12 km on the odomoter when I got it. We were able to get it insured in Carcasonne for a real reasonable amount. Only 49 euros a month, full coverage. Lilia and I traveled to Massy yesterday to pick it up and get the last few things out of our appartment here. The car is great. It has more room than the Opel Zafira we had rented. I'm looking forward to the drive home to see how well it does on the highways. It is supposed to get 4.8 liters per 100 km in gas mileage. Which is real good for a 7 passenger car. I am sure that I am in France because after we settled all the paperwork, they gave me a bottle of champange. When we get it back home, I will take pictures and post them here. Sunday went real well, we ate lunch with the Pastor's son and daughter-in-law and had an excellent time. Hopefully we will now be able to put all our time and efforts into the search for a house. Picture is Lilia in front of some vineyards near our house.

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Anonymous said...

they gave you the champange to put in the car not to drink! with only a 1.5 it needs all the help it can get and the alcohol will help. i'm glad your there and i'm here and don't know if i could survive with all that horse power !!

your favorite bro in law