Monday, April 7, 2008

Une grande surprise pour moi.

We had a suprise when we woke up this morning. About and inch and a half of snow fell during the night. The kids loved it. We had a longer than normal walk to school, as they stopped to play. It was the good kind of snow as well. Real powdery. It was not on the roads and sidewalks but everywhere else was a good blanket. Our services went well again Sunday. We continued learning aspects of the church and we are working on a church covenant. Yvain and Virginie are moving into a new apartment soon and so they didn't eat with us this time because they needed to pack more. I enjoyed watching the services at Walnut Street on Skype. Also, on a different note, we bought some frozen pizzas from the store and it had the ingredients and instructions listed in twelve languages. I couldn't even recognize all of them. Attached are some snow pictures taken from our apartment. God bless, JASON

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