Friday, April 18, 2014

God is still in heaven.

The above title is the first words that Arianna spoke when I woke her up this morning.  She makes a good point. 
 Arianna had been sick since last Friday.  I took her to the doctor yesterday and got her some antibiotics and she is back in school today.  We had a good visit from our friends in Bordeaux.  They arrived Sunday night and left Tuesday morning.  Their daughters performed a piece from the orchestra they will soon be performing.  I will try to add the video below. We saw the city of Carcassonne together, visited the beach, and just had a great visit.  Monday night we celebrated their middle daughters 18th birthday with cake and tacos. 
 Above the boys help prepare dessert with mom. Andrew lost both his upper teeth and one lower tooth in three days.  He made out good with the tooth fairy. 
The market went will this morning.  The weather has been really nice this week, with temperatures in the mid-70s each day.  Arianna did get stung by a bee yesterday, she tried to pick him up.  I think she learned her lesson.  The kids Bible study on Wednesday afternoons kicked of this week.  It went well.  I helped out for part of it.  Hopefully we will see more kids coming in the next weeks. This evening I have my computer class, and Caleb has a doctors appointment, all before Bible study.  This weekend I will be busy with the training for referees.  God bless, JASON

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