Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Times

Let me catch you up on a few highlights from the last few weeks.  Let's see...

Friday the 13th, I went with our french class to have lunch together in Carcassonne and also tour the War museum there.  They were having an exposition about the time between the two world wars.  I had a great time visiting over lunch and touring the museum.  The exposition was real good and I learned a lot of History as well as insights to that generation.
 The 7th, we were invitied to attend a Pantomine in English.  This is a play with interaction with the crowd (a british thing).  We had a good time, the kids really enjoyed it.  Above they went up on the stage to help the crowd learn a song.

Friday the 14th, we had a Christmas dinner with the church in Carcassonne.  We invited a family from Limoux to come.  We had a great time of food and fellowship.  And some heard the Christmas story for the first time. Pictured above is the kids singing a Christmas special. The following Sunday afternoon we attended the kids basketball tournament.  That evening for our English worship service we had guests, a British couple visited in our English services, as they had in our French services the Monday before.
 The following Tuesday, the 17th, was Caleb's 11th birthday.  He had a small party Wednesday with two of his friends.

By this time, Christmas was in full swing.  I was busy helping a friend move out of a house he just sold.  It was a lot of work because the house was an hour away up in the moutnains and we were working in snow and ice.  He really appreciated the help and I was also able to give him spiritual counsel.  The kids last day was Friday, but I had an all weekend training sessions for Coaches.  It was long, but I enjoyed it, and was able to renew some contacts made with the basketball outreach last June.

The Sunday night before Christmas we got together at Laurens for a special English Christmas service and pizza.  Lauren shared a book about the Christmas story, and we also made some crafts that Lauren's parents had sent for the kids. 

Monday before Christmas, everyone was occupied for the adult Bible study, but Lauren had a lesson with our kids, they decorated cookies as well. 

 Tuesday, Christmas Eve, Lauren came over for a Christmas Eve dinner of chicken and dressing. 
For Christmas day, the kids made it to 7:00 before Christmas started.  They opened the first wave of toys with just us.  Then Lauren came over and brought the second wave of toys that she had brought for them..Then came the third wave of toys that Lauren's parents, and some members of their church had sent.  The kids were spoiled as usual.  Arianna is sporting her Princess outfit.

 Just woke up and ready to go.
The annual in front of the tree picture.  God bless, JASON

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