Monday, June 24, 2013

School winding up.

The squash are blooming in the garden.

I think we have just about got everything back to "normal" after the team left.  Right after they left, I stopped by the doctor and had an x-ray for what I thought was a broken rib.  I was elbowed in one of the games the week prior and it suddenly was more painful.  Thankfully it was just bruised cartilage and nothing was broken.  It was irritated by the constant use and is feeling much better now.  Saturday we got a call from a friend in Paris, the wife of the man who translated for AC Green, she had passed out at work and was having tests to find out why, ended up being a heart problem and the doctors said it would be could if someone could stay with her the next week while they waited for the results of the test. Angie decided she should go and help out.  She left on the TGV Monday and spent the week in Paris.  Meanwhile it was me and the kids back home.  Look out!  Things went well.  It was busy but no problems.  Tuesday I ran errands, shopping and the bank.  I also finished gathering all the paperwork for Caleb's entrance into Junior High.  Lilia left Wednesday morning for her end of school trip.  They left the school by bike and rode 24 km to camp near a lake for a couple of days.  She had a great time. 

Andrew's birthday at McDonalds
Wednesday, Andrew had his birthday party at McDonalds.  It was during the team's visit, but since we didn't really have time to properly celebrate it, we decided to give him the McDonald's birthday experience.  I stayed for the party, which he really enjoyed with 7 of his friends.  Thursday I got all the paperwork turned in for Caleb. And after school we went to the store to let Andrew spend his birthday money.  Friday evening I picked up Lilia, and Saturday morning we picked up Angie at the airport, she took a flight back from Paris to Toulouse.
Angie getting hugs at the airport.
It was nice having her back. She brought some clothes back for everyone.  We enjoyed Sunday services in Carcassonne.  There were several visitors that we enjoyed getting to know.  We also listened to the service in Hillsboro, which was the first time in over a month.  This week is the last of the month.  Lilia is already out of school, and the boys just have two more weeks left. I have to get the van papers changed into our name this week.  Things will be hectic during the summer as people are traveling and business shut down.  Hopefully I will be able to attend the market and reach out to some tourists.  God bless, JASON 

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