Monday, February 6, 2012

New Camera for the Snow

Took this picture before heading to bed last night.
I like the whole "palm tree in the snow" theme.

We got a new camera for Christmas from my parents.  It is amazing how fast things have changed in the camera world.  Thinking back I realized our former camera was about 5 years old.   This new one can do high definition videos.  We have been focused mainly on staying warm these last few days.  It got down to -8 (c)Thursday night, the windchill was -12. We got a good bit of snow on Friday.  I didn't set up at the market, but I stopped by to check out who was there.  Where I usually set up there are at least thirty stands on a normal Friday, yesterday there were three.  I am not complaining because up until this point we have had a relatively mild winter.  Saturday we stayed warm and enjoyed a few snow flurries.  Angie, Lilia, Arianna, and I had been battling colds, so I took the boys to church on Sunday.  There was supposed to be a meal afterwards, but snow started falling heavily during church, so everyone one went home afterwards.  It snowed all day yesterday, this morning we have 15cm still on the ground (6 inches). I did stay up and watch the superbowl. It has just started snowing some more.  The kids school was canceled today.  The forcast predicts that it won't get above freezing until this next weekend.  Enjoy some snow picks from the new camera, check back soon for some high definition videos.  Blessings, JASON

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