Monday, November 14, 2011

A shot at Basketball

Keeping Arianna happy during the three hour

Micah shoots the ball straight up into the arms of the girl in
front of him.

Dropping Lilia off to catch the school bus.

Caleb scores, see Micah's reaction.

Driving home along the Canal du Midi.
We have had a good week.  A lot of the preparations have begun for the move in less than two weeks.  What the focus has been on this week seems to be basketball.  The Friday night that I blogged last, the team asked me to pray for their game on Sunday.  I said that of course I would, and they won. Their first win of the season, and second win in two years.  Of course they could just as easily loose the next match, but at least it was an attempt to share an important aspect of my faith.  An interesting side note, last Sunday was also a muslim holiday celebrating the sacrifice of Abraham.  The practices with the group went good this week and I will be playing with them this next Saturday night.  Caleb and Micah had a basketball tournement today.  We drove over after church and spent the afternoon at the tournement. Normally I would be hesitant to go to such an event on a Sunday, but that is the only day that many events are held, and I was an opportunity to meet two sets of parents and get to know the coach a little better.  The boys played well and won the first game 4-2 and the second 14-8.  Unlike many of the other teams they only had four players, so no subs.  Caleb scored twice in the second game. Micah did good as well, he was among the youngest in their age group, so he was dwarfed, but it didn't bother him at all, he ran all over and cheered when one of his teammates scored, and laughed when he shot the ball once and it went straight up (picture attached). In other news, the Bible study went well.  I missed the market this week, because it was changed to Thursday since Friday was veterans day in France.  I also worked on translating a skit for the Christmas dinner outreach with the church in Carcassonne.  It was a great time and I am looking forward to it this year and helping out with the kids program. We will also invite some people we know who live in Carcassonne.  We showed the house to a couple this week, actually two, we had a suprise visit from a couple on Saturday morning.  I had a good talk with them while Angie had the kids do a quick straighten up, turns out that they were both from a protestant background, and they seemed interested in the house.  Enjoy the attached pics from our cell phone.  God bless, JASON

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