Thursday, October 28, 2010

Vacation with the kids.

Playing "Croque Carrote" on family night.
Monday, I took time to play with the kids individually. We had a good time.  Angie and Lilia went shopping.  Tuesday, I cleaned around the yard and in the garage.  We had basketball practice Tuesday night, there were only six there, but we had a good time.  The coach invited Caleb to join the basketball group for his age.  I'll have to talk to him about it.  There were some gas shortages in the area.  One in three stations are out of gas.  However the vote to raise the retirement age passed and so the strikes should be ending soon.  Wednesday, I cleaned out the inbox and in the evening went to a conference at a gypsy church about an hour from here.  I enjoyed the services, they are doing a series through Colossians, which the pastor is Carcassonne is presenting.  I was a little under the weather yesterday.  I had a sore throat and a headache.  After a good nights rest I am feeling better now.  We are preparing for the Bible Study this evening. We are also starting to make plans for Thanksgiving.  We enjoyed inviting everyone over last year.  This year the problem is that we know more people and will not be able to have everyone over that we would like.  One option is to have two meals, but that would be a lot of work.  We will talk and pray about it for a while before we decide. We met our new neighbors.  They are a couple with four kids, ages 18, 13, 3, and 1. They will be moving in withing a few days.  We look forward to getting to know them better.  Time to go beat out some rugs for Angie.  God bless, JASON

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