Friday, December 11, 2009


The week has been going well. Angie is finally starting to get over the cough that has stayed with her after the flu. We took her to the doctor Wednesday to get some medicine. We decided to postpone the Bible study one more week just to make sure she is not contagious. Thursday after school I took Caleb and Micah to get their hair cut. The ladies cutting their hair, remarked at how well they sat there. They do look a lot better. This will be a good oportunity to build a relationship because with out family of six, we will be spending a lot of time there. We are starting to see some Christmas lights going up around town. I was thinking of adding some because our house is in a good spot for the lights to be seen from the main road. So I started shopping around for good prices on outdoor lights. In the States if you wanted the best prices you would just go to Wal-mart, but here there is not really one store that has the best prices on all things. We usually go to three different stores during the week just for our grocery shopping. Looking forward to Christmas this year. We raelly do not have any big plans. I'll be speaking at the English Christmas service in Carcassonne. Sometime I would like to take the kids ice skating, they just set up a rink in downtown Limoux. There is a carnival going on in Carcassonne for the rest of the month that we might take the kids to. We have just a few more family members in the States that we need to get gifts form and have not started shopping for our family here. When Angie is fully recovered we will get to the shopping. Attached is a picture of the fog in the valley this morning and of a rainbow Angie and Andrew saw a few days ago.

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